Tuesday 9 September 2008

The eye of the lake

The water of Friedrichshafen's lake (Bodensee) is esmerald-green in certain parts. This steel structure, in the the ferry harbour, has ten panoramic floors offering a stunning 360° view over the lake and part of the city. According to my opinion the structure itself does not fit into the local landscape, but from a photographical point of view I could play with it for hours.


Anonymous said...

very interesting structure, very beautiful captured

Julie said...

Oh yes! The lines on this are mesmerising. Just the colour of the metal has me intruigued - must be steel cannot be aluminium.

The water is the greenest green I have seen in many a day. The last time I saw water this green was around Rottnest Island, just off Perth in West Australia.

This is reminiscent of Semim's bicycle spokes ... the Bicycle Fair was playing with your mind.

Julie said...

Sorry ... Selim's bicycle spokes ... it is getting late ... forgive me.

Shammickite said...

That's an intriguing image... lots of detail and almost monochrome. I like it!

Diederick Wijmans said...

Thanks, Evlahos!!

The structure is infact in steel, Julie! The water was incredibly green in this spot, also because it partially reflected the sky which was ready for a storm.
Yes, both Selim and myself were at the bicycle Fair for work, where you see geometrical figures everywhere, staring from the bicycle frame and the wheels.
Although I am a happily retired man, I still participate to the bicycle world (as well as in the world of wines) on a consultancy basis.

Thanks for your comments, Shammickite!!

Jill said...

If that's the lake way below -- Yikes, no wonder I feel woozy looking at your photo! And you were on the 10th floor? (I'll pretend it's a tunnel instead.) It's a great photo ahd the green is indeed incredible.

Jane Hards Photography said...

That's like an optical illusion. The hint of green really focuses the eye.arvellous image.

this too will pass said...

great perspective

Kim said...

. . .and we could watch your playing with this structure for hours. I love this shot, right down to the green at the bottom.
Seattle Daily Photo

Diederick Wijmans said...

Thanks, Jill!!
I assure you that looking down along those stairs from 10 floors up gave the tunnel feeling an extra twist to dizziness.

Thanks, Babooshka!!

Thank you too, This Too Will Pass!!

Thanks for visiting and for your kind words, Kim!!

IamMBB said...

The green is the perfect splash of color in the otherwise beautifully monochromatic image. It also looks like a tunnel.