Monday 31 January 2011

When colours are...

Malé fishing harbour,

Friday 28 January 2011

The boat service

Olhuveli Island (Maldives)

Thursday 27 January 2011

Bewitching colours of the sea

The sandbags are there to protect the beach against the difference in water level between high and low tide. Many groups of islands of the Maldives have been badly affected by the enormous tidal wave of the 26th December 2004. With an average ground level of 1,5 meters above sea-level, this unique archipelago, featuring 1.192 islets of which only 200 are inhabited, is vulnerably exposed to all possible extreme natural hazards and is slowly disappearing, due to a constant sea-level rise which has been calculated to be of 59 cm by the year 2100. This, if the leaders of our planet do not take drastic action against the negative effects of global warming. Actions aiming at saving many areas of the world from going under water and consequently saving the growing world population from loosing precious sources of food and sweet water. Otherwise, nobody can stop the repeat of the historical migrations in search of survival with its devastating consequences.
Olhuveli (Maldives)

Wednesday 26 January 2011

Olhuveli Island

I just stood there watching the sun rise from behind the ocean, while I let the soft talcum-powder sand of the beach glide through my fingers.  An athletic young man ran along the shoreline. He looked perfectly fit and I felt a hint of envy rising in me. I looked down on the curve of my stomach and knew that I should be doing the same and should have started a long time ago, but as he disappeared from my sight, the feeling of envy ran away with him leaving me alone with the sun breaking through the thin sheep-clouds which slowly moved away from the horizon. The grey colour of the sea gradually changed into silver-green with red glints generated by the first sun-beams, while the soft pink colour of the sand turned into white. I waited for Nature “to do better than this” and was immediately rewarded: the shadows of the clouds gliding over the surface of the water made the silver-green turn into deep-turquoise with glints of dark blue and yellow-gold. At the other side of the sea, tall palm trees on a long sand bank softly waved their leaves  in the breeze with a constant rustling sound. As I walked back to the apartment under a tangle of tree branches and flowers, to accompany my wife to the restaurant for our first breakfast in Paradise , I suddenly knew that Nature would surprise us more during the days to come… and without limits.  
Olhuveli Island (Maldives)

Tuesday 25 January 2011

Paradise is...

I have no other words to describe this miracle of Nature.
Olhuveli Island

Saturday 15 January 2011

Trimming and pruning

All our lime trees and plane trees along the lake are being prepared for Spring.
I will be absent for 10 days, off to the Maldives. An 11 hours long flight from Milan, followed by a 40 minutes transfer by boat from capital city Malé to the Olhuveli atoll over the cristal clear waters. I can't wait to arrive there and make the photos I will post on my return. Take care of yourselves in the meantime!

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Monday 3 January 2011

Strong and gentle

One day she entered the large garden which generously surrounds my brother and sister -in-law’s house.  She was slim but not underfed, and probably found most of her daily need for food  by catching small lizards and field-mice in the vineyards beyond the garden.  The taste of tuna-fish and other similar fine food which she had surely never tasted before, generated the immediate beginning  of a continuous cohabitative relationship,  with all those advantages a cat can receive from a generous human heart. Very soon the catch of lizards and other small animals became only leisure-time practice.  She is in full strength now, showing a beautiful mix of colours and sparkling green eyes in a harlequin mask. The only obstacle to total serenity remains the presence of good-natured Jan, the splendid five year old tall German shorthaired pointer, who puts precise limits to entries into his  territory, welcoming only close family members and friends with sincere manifestations of affection .  Another cat has in the meantime decided to share this paradise of food and warm shelter in winter, in specifically prepared baskets containing “old” soft-woolen pullovers of my protesting brother-in-law.  Jan has in the meantime been trained to limit his aggressive and punitive actions against these “trespassing  enemies” to a warning growl which comes deep from his throat, when they face each other nose-to-nose through the lower part of the window of the kitchen door, but when both cats are absent , he jumps onto the wall, empties their food-bowls, takes away the “old” woolen pullovers and destroys the baskets.  He then lays flat on the floor with the usual innocent look in his eyes, satisfied with his actions and clearly convinced they will never come back again, now that they have no food and no shelter anymore….