Saturday 28 February 2009

Steamy windows

Glass is the theme of this month and I photographed the steamed-up and wet glass of my shower-box and distorted the image in photoshop, obtaining this result.

Monday 23 February 2009

Saturday 21 February 2009

Thursday 19 February 2009

Wednesday 18 February 2009

Monday 16 February 2009

Saturday 14 February 2009

Can't get enough...

... of dawns in winter

Thursday 12 February 2009

Cracks and tracks

On the ski-slopes again
Mottarone (Gignese))

Wednesday 11 February 2009


Balloons for the occasion of the annual winter-swimming in the lake and for you all who had the patience and kindness to visit my blog and comment the photos (the 200th today!), for which I thank you so much!

Saturday 7 February 2009

Different shapes in my square

A few hours of sunshine before it started raining again
Historical centre of Arona

Thursday 5 February 2009

Wednesday 4 February 2009

Rollin'...rollin'....rollin' on tha ri-iveeer...

...not this beauty: our boat-café/restaurant is anchored in Arona's harbour.

Tuesday 3 February 2009

Sunday 1 February 2009

Theme day: paths & passages

Tunnel of light we all need
Path along the lake - Arona