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Wednesday 25 November 2009

Forgotten tree

In the sense that I had forgotten to re-propose this tree.

Saturday 21 November 2009

Quiet natural shelter for water birds

This is the last photo of my tree-series while I am flying home from Germany. Thank you all for your wonderful comments!!
I have travelled for nearly two weeks in some of the northern European countries with three wonderful partners from China whom I professionally assist. They have totally monopolized my attention while chatting the ears off my head, asking hundreds of questions about the culture, the food, the wines and habits of the countries we were driving through by car. Two weeks of unrefrained enthusiasm to see the artistical wonders of northern Italy, the soft hills of northern France, the golden ornaments of the buildings on the Grand Place in Brussels, the flat land of Holland with its enormous clouds piling on top of each other above the horizon, the impressive and powerful centre of wealthy Frankfurt. But also two weeks of meetings with customers, full breakfasts, lunches and dinners in excellent hotels and restaurants, with rich and lushios buffets offering everything any normal and wise person of over sixty would not give in to. Two shattering weeks of "tomorrow-is-another-day", accompanied by the best of wines, to which I would not have dreamed to say no to. Yes, I know that I will be happy this afternoon to open the front door of my apartment, to embrace my lovely wife, and I confess that I also look forward to her light "hospital soups", for the next few weeks...

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I am posting some of my photos while I am away. I had already posted these photos in the past but at the very beginning of my blogging adventure.

Saturday 7 November 2009

Fragments of kites

I found a booth on the weekly market in Alessandria, where they sell kites in all shapes and colours.

I was in Alessandria to assist at the ceremony which the Mayor of Alessandria had organized for Marina Vicari Lerario (one of my new blogging friends from San Paulo in Brasil - ), who makes excellent paintings and has great interest in this expression of the Arts and in Art in general. On this particular occasion Marina officially donated to the City of Alessandria most of the hand drawn technical designs her father, Giuseppe Vicari, a famous Italian architect in the earlier part of the 20th Century, had made for various buildings in this city, among which the Palace of Justice.
A few days after the ceremony Marina came to Arona with her niece Francesca, where I had the pleasure to show them around, although it was a very rainy day.
My wife and I were very pleased to meet with you both, Marina and Francesca, and we will surely stay in touch!

It is wonderful to meet with blogger-friends, like I already did with Jilly ( and will, in the near future, with Virginia (

I will be away again promoting wines in the northern part of Europe and will be back on the 21st November. Till then!

Monday 2 November 2009


...that is why I like it.

Sunday 1 November 2009

A 19th century doorway... a 15th century church
Santa Maria del Carmine