Tuesday 3 June 2008

Back from Paradise

I spent three days in the soft and sunny hills which preceed Italy's backbone: the Apennines.
Eighthundred years of documented wine-making traditions in old rural villages scattered around the territory make this area called "Oltrepò Pavese" (Beyond the River Pò) unique. I will post some more photos of this small paradise in the next few days.


Ann said...

Beautiful place. I promise myself I will get back to Italy one day. I don't know your area at all. My retirement dream is to live on the coast of Sicily.

Suzanne said...

Oh please do post more photos. Even though I lived in Italy for a long time and get back there regularly, I never get enough of the fantastic countryside and hilltown images.

Diederick Wijmans said...

Thank you, Ann! Sicily is really beautiful and has in many places a rough beauty on its own. Careful, though with dream-retirements: holidays in certain places can be fantastic and unforgettable, but when you go and live in such communitites, all-year-around life can turn out to be very different...

Thanks, Suzanne. I will post more photos of the "Oltrepò Pavese area", which you must visit one day. I go there regularly since more than thirty years. No tourism at all in that particular area. Just vineyards and friendly but very reserved grape-cultivating families.

Jerez Sherry said...

I can't decide, Italy or India..Italy or India....??

I know sooner or later it'll all come to me though!

At least now I have a place to stay! :~)

giggling, J

( I have friends in Sicily already!)