Monday 7 May 2012

陰陽 = Yin Yang

The surname of most of the inhabitants of the Zhuge Bagua village 
is "Zhuge".Nearly all of them descend directly  from Zhu Geliang,
politician, strategist and militarist during the period of the three 
Kingdoms (184-280 AD).The layout of the village is in the 
shape of an eight-sided diagram which encircles the central 
part, which is partially composed of water and partially of 
land, both entangled with each other into the shape of two 
black and white fish. The nine different zones of the 
diagram, including the central part, represent nine 
major areas of life: prosperity and abundance, 
fame and reputation, relationships, family, health, 
creativity and children, skills and knowledge, 
career and helpful people.
Zhuge Bagua Village


Dina said...

How very interesting!
I'm glad to see helpful people and reputation on the list.

Diederick Wijmans said...

I like those words too, Dina!!