Tuesday 8 May 2012

Opening up with important words

I found these words written on one of the walls of the 
splendid university (in the city of Jin Hua in the Province 
of Zhejiang), which has a total floor space of 1.000.000 
square meters (including living quarters for students) 
in the middle of 220 hectares perfectly well kept green. 
The University, which specializes in teaching education 
with multiple branches of learning, has an enrolment 
of 25.500 undergraduates and 2.650 members of 
teaching staff. The university makes strenuous 
efforts to open up to the outside world. In 
recent years ties of academic exchange
and cooperation have been set up with 
92 foreign universities and research 
 institutes in 42 countries
Jin Hua

1 comment:

Dina said...

That comes as a surprise to me. Good for them!
Good luck to this university.