Saturday 19 March 2011

Saturday morning: time to go to school



Dina said...

I'd love to go to school on a ferry.

But wait, on Saturday?

Diederick Wijmans said...

Yes, Dina! On saturday morning they go to(statal)school here!
They have, apart from 2 years of infant school:
.5 years of elementary school,
.3 years of middle school, and
.5 years of high school.
13 years in total.

Stefan Jansson said...

School on a Saturday?

Stefan Jansson said...

Oh, I was too quick. Poor kids.

Dina said...

13 +2 years, that's a lot of education. Nice.
So do the kids have a 2 day weekend or only Sunday off?

Virginia said...

Do they go to school every weekday? In Paris they have Wednesdays off but go on Sat. mornings I think.

Diederick Wijmans said...

They go to school every day and have saturday afternoons and sundays off. This in the statal schools. In the private schools most have saturdays and sundays off.

Gunn said...

Great image, and I really like the composition and the LIGHT.

(- I am so old that I vaguely remember that in my child hood we went to school Saturdays until midday.... And on Sunday mornings we even went to school for "Sunday school". Today, I don`t know anyone who would do that! :)
Many people even finish work early on Fridays, so they can drive to their cottages and spend the weekend skiing etc.)

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