Tuesday 1 February 2011

A new start

A delegation of approximately 150 present and former heads of state, ambassadors as well as academics from the Arabic and Muslim world, guided by the President of Senegal and backed by Unesco and the Municipality of Paris, and accompanied by another 100 representatives of various international Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities, will visit the former concentration camp of Auschwitz in southern Poland today.  I’d like to see this important event as a new start of better understanding and more respect between populations with different cultures and different religions. As long as all parts will act in good faith and with trust towards each other.    
The Grand Friday Mosque in Malé (Maldives)


Dina said...

This is a good thing. Thanks for informing us.
A beautiful mosque.

ramy_v said...

Great lines. Well captured.

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Stefan Jansson said...

Great architecture.