Monday 18 January 2010

Quietness is.....


Chuck Pefley said...

ah ... a fill in the blank ... "Quietness is" wonderful!

Dina said...

The lone person there looks quiet.

I often wonder if people blessed with such scenery everyday are more peaceful in their heart.

I wish everyone in the world had such a place to look out on and to feel quietness inside.

Olivier said...

Magnifique, et tres belle composition avec cet homme

Haideé Iglesias said...

Me gusta el gesto del hombre, ilustra el frío del entorno... recogido, con las manos en los bolsillos... pero mirando ensimismado... como haciéndose uno con el lago...

Nueva soy, para ti. Bueno, nueva lo soy hasta para mi todos los días, tal como amanece y anochece :)

Seguiré disfrutando con tu trabajo.
Un cordial saludo :)

I like the gesture of the man, illustrates the cold of the environment ... collected, with his hands in his pockets ... but looking pensive ... as becoming one with the lake ...

New am for you. Well, I am so new to me every day, such as sunrise / sunset:)

Will continue to enjoy your work.

brattcat said...

Yes, this photograph and your title got me breathing more slowly, relaxing. Thank you.

Virginia said...

The solitary figure on the left is perfect. The scene draws the eye into the photo and the figure pulls it back out. Very nice D.

Lowell said...

Hi Diederick!

I've been scrolling through your photos on this blog and your other blog and am mightily impressed!

You do great work. The black and white works so well.

In fact, most of these would be suitable for framing and hanging; they are just excellent.

I especially liked the foggy shots on your other blog.

Have a great week!

Diederick Wijmans said...

Thank you so much everyone! You really keep me going with your highly appreciated comments!!

Eleonora Baldwin said...

thank you for visiting Aglio, Olio & Peperoncino today! I had no idea you were a wine expert, what fabulous news! Is that why you live in Piemonte, because its home to the best wine in Italy? (my grandmother was from Asti)

I'm learning about wine and sharing notions with friends, but I'm still a novice. Can I be your pupil? :)


Unknown said...

Great composed image!

Diederick Wijmans said...

Grazie, Eleonora!!
Yes, I am living in Piemonte but mainly deal in the wines produced in the Oltrepò Pavese area (south of Milan, where the magnificent pre-appennine hills start where wine making traditions are nearly 800 years old) and in the excellent Aglianico del Vulture wine produced in the very southern Italian region of Basilicata.
Photography and wine (apart from family, friends and music) are my favourite occupations.

Thank you, John!!

Cloudia said...


A blessing indeed...

Aloha, Friend!

Comfort Spiral

Anonymous said...