Saturday 7 November 2009

Fragments of kites

I found a booth on the weekly market in Alessandria, where they sell kites in all shapes and colours.

I was in Alessandria to assist at the ceremony which the Mayor of Alessandria had organized for Marina Vicari Lerario (one of my new blogging friends from San Paulo in Brasil - ), who makes excellent paintings and has great interest in this expression of the Arts and in Art in general. On this particular occasion Marina officially donated to the City of Alessandria most of the hand drawn technical designs her father, Giuseppe Vicari, a famous Italian architect in the earlier part of the 20th Century, had made for various buildings in this city, among which the Palace of Justice.
A few days after the ceremony Marina came to Arona with her niece Francesca, where I had the pleasure to show them around, although it was a very rainy day.
My wife and I were very pleased to meet with you both, Marina and Francesca, and we will surely stay in touch!

It is wonderful to meet with blogger-friends, like I already did with Jilly ( and will, in the near future, with Virginia (

I will be away again promoting wines in the northern part of Europe and will be back on the 21st November. Till then!


Dina said...

What fun, all those kites!
That's great that you turn your blogging buddies into Real Life friends.
Stay warm up there in northern Europe.

brattcat said...

A toast to you, for this fine photo, for turning virtual friends into real ones, and for this upcoming trip. All best wishes.

Jilly said...

Love the combination of kites. What a beautiful happy shot. Also love your new header.

So interesting to read of your visitors and to know you will be meeting Virginia from Birmingham. Well, having had the pleasure of meeting you, I know she is in for a treat! And lucky you, meeting V.

Virginia said...

WEll as much as I would love to say my bags are all packed, I'm afraid my visit to Italy and Arona may be quite a while. We have lots of details to arrange before i can have that pleasure. Diederick, I certainly hope we can find a way!!! Has the box arrived?? I'm a little worried about the postal system there! :) Mike's new website is going up soon. Guess who's in charge of the blog??

Now about your fabulous abstract photograph today. What a find. Perfectly composed. Love it.

Now I must visit your blog friend!

Leif Hagen said...

Ah, so you're a wine guy! Which red wines do you prefer??!

I hope you'll "auto-post" some photos while you're gone...

Tash said...

Gorgeous color and astounding composition (but we have come to expect that :)

Lachezar said...

Beautiful image! Artwork on its own right!

Diederick Wijmans said...

Thank you, Dina!!

Thank you too, Brattcat!!

Thank you, Jilly! Yes, it thought it was time to change my header. I will do this more regularly!!

Yes, Leif! I am into wines. The "Aglianico del Vulture" red wines are my own favourite!!

That is kind of you to say, Tash!!

No, Virginia, the parcel has not yet arrived... I will confirm to you as soon as it does!

Thank you for you your comments too, Lachezar! I really appreciate that!!

California Girl said...

what a superb shot of color and shapes. as Jilly wrote "..happy..."

marina vicari lerario said...

Ciao Diederick e Marina. Per noi, io e Francesca è stata una bella giornata essere assieme nella cerimonia in Alessandria e anche ad Arona. Siamo arrivati a São Paulo, Brasile, tutto è andato bene. Grazie della vostra gentileza, Marina e Diederick. Che bel risoto abbiamo mangiato e che bella foto, anzi, che belle fotografie nel blog, come sempre. Marina.